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In celebration of International Poetry Month, Readers Bookshop hosts poetry night with former Minister of Culture, Jeries Samawi

Amman, Jordan – March 2016 -- Readers Bookshop Seventh Circle recently held a poetry night with the former Minister of Culture, His Excellency Jeries Samawi. The event was attended by a large group of poets, journalists, writers, and readers.
Samawi added to the culturally enriching evening by reading some of his most well-known poems that address important topics relevant to today’s world, presenting an elegant mix between his Middle Eastern roots, personal experiences and worldview.
Summarizing the night, Samawi said, “My attendance at this night of creative and poetic exchange came from a kind gesture and invitation from Readers Bookshop and its manager Jumana Sharbin. Accompanied by zither artist Rula Barghouti and surrounded by the rustic library atmosphere that Readers provides to its customers was the perfect environment in which to read a number of my poems, both old and new, to the receptive members of the audience. Poetry and other forms of creative expression are manifestations of people’s consciousness.This art is considered a spiritual flame for the soul that gives people light and hope during times of darkness. Poetry is an act of freedom that enlightens us to a higher purpose, letting us ponder the future, the meaning of life and human beings in general.”
Commenting on the event, Imad Bukhari, CEO of THE Group– the retail company that operates Cozmo, Hamleys, BHS and Readers– said, “We at Readers Bookshop always seek to enrich the minds and hearts of our readers by hosting cultural events. By promoting creative expression and recognizing artistic achievements, we hope to help transform the Kingdom into a cultural and artistic hub in the region. It was with the utmost pleasure that we hosted former Minister Samawi. We greatly appreciated his presence and his unforgettable creative contribution to the evening. We look forward to adding to our interactive and lively platform for different cultural exhibitions and hope to see our audience filled with people of diverse backgrounds of creative interests.”

Jeries Samawi, who studied English literature, philosophy, art and media communications, has been a writer, poet, translator and journalist for years, enriching the Kingdom’s artistic and cultural movements. Before becoming the Minister of Culture, he held the positions of a broadcaster on Jordanian television, General Director of the Jerash Festival of Culture and Arts, and Secretary General of the Ministry of Culture. Samawi has created many well-known poems and participated in numerous international festivals for culture, poetry and other forms of artistic expression.
Since it opened in 2007, Readers has established itself as the leading bookshop in the Kingdom. With two branches, located in Cozmo Centre at Seventh Circle and at Taj Lifestyle in Abdoun, Readers offers its customers an extensive collection of literature, covering an array of genres that excite and inspire avid book lovers and new readers alike.

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