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THE Group holds teambuilding event for its employees

Amman, Jordan – November 2013 – As part of its commitment to providing exceptional customer care by maintaining a strong service culture within its workforce, THE Group – the retail pioneer behind Cozmo, BHS, Readers and Hamleys – recently organized an employee teambuilding event in cooperation with Better Business. The event was held over a three-day period, from November 4 to November 6, at the Landmark Amman Hotel.

Throughout the event, participants took part in a series of engaging group-oriented activities, with the aim of building stronger relationships between THE Group employees across various departments and deepening their understanding of the different operations and responsibilities within the company.

Commenting on the occasion, THE Group CEO Imad Bukhari said, “This event reflects our strongly held belief in building a company culture that emphasizes the importance of excellent customer service and the need to work harmoniously together to achieve that superb level of service. By partnering with Better Business, we aim to develop and maintain our commitment to a cooperative work environment, in which we respect one another’s value and contributions to the company, resulting in a truly uplifting experience for our esteemed customers.”

Better Business is a Jordanian consultancy firm that specializes in capacity building and workforce management. Through a team of highly experienced trainers, the company offers training and development services to numerous organizations with the aim of achieving service excellence.

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